Help Get Food to Garment Workers

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought up not only the pain of loss and economic uncertainties, but also a wider and deeper sense of global solidarity that we are all witnessing. This is why today, we are counting on you to make a small donation of £5 – or what you can afford – to help provide food for 1,120 destitute migrant garment workers and their families in Tamil Nadu – the centre of the garment industry in India – during this crisis.

They need your help. Join us. Donate now. Help provide food for garment workers.

What do they urgently need?

Food on the table to help them keep going until the region is able to put an end to its red alert.

How can you help?

£5 will buy enough food to support a family for one week providing:

£10 will buy enough food to support a family for two weeks providing:

Donate here now. Help TRAID raise £11,200 to feed 1,120 destitute migrant garment workers and their families through this crisis.

What’s the problem in the fashion industry?

Garment workers all around the world have been left high and dry by well-known brands, and they are relying on the solidarity of others. In the last few weeks, how the fashion industry is letting garment workers down has been well-documented by the mainstream media. Order cancellations from high streets brands are right now affecting the incomes and lives of millions of workers all around the world. Structural changes are urgently needed to continue challenging a business model which creates economies of dependency based on poverty wages, which perpetuates inter-generational poverty and normalises exploitation.

What’s the problem for garment workers in Tamil Nadu?

Around 35% of garment workers in Tamil Nadu are inter-state migrants. They travel with their families from other Indian states such as Odisha and Jharkhand, thousands of kilome-tres away, for work in garment factories and spinning mills, living in temporary settlements near to where they work. Since the coronavirus broke out, these already extremely poor workers have been fired and left destitute without any income or food. They are now trapped in settlements until at least the 3rd of May, unable to return home to their own homes as the Government has banned inter-state travel to stop the spread of the virus.

With your contribution TRAID’s partner READ (Rights, Education and Development Centre) will be able to continue providing rice, wheat flour, oil, dhal to 11 villages in the Erode district where inter-state migrant garment workers have been left destitute due to the coronavirus crisis.

Karuppasamy Raman is the Director of READ and for 18-years has been a leading human rights’ figure in Tamil Nadu. READ works to protect the rights and dignity of the most marginalised Indian communities, including Dalits, children, women and labourers in the textile industries. He sends this message.

“At READ, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we are focussing all our efforts on helping inter-state migrant garment workers and their families who are facing destitution and the challenges of finding food, health care and shelter. Any donation you make at this difficult time will provide significant and immediate relief on these families. Thank you for your support and solidarity.”

Thank you for your support.