Help Feed Garment Workers

The READ team distributing food parcels

Can you donate to help feed garment workers in South India who are struggling and desperate during the country’s deadly second lethal wave of Covid-19? 

TRAID partner READ is right now working to feed 1,000 destitute migrant garment workers and their families in western Tamil Nadu, the textile hub of India where many of our clothes are made. Most are garment working migrants who have lost their jobs, have no income, and are trapped far from home.  Many are homeless.

The READ team is right now providing Covid relief parcels containing essential food, face masks and sanitiser. TRAID has just sent over £12,600 of crisis funding. Can you help raise more? Each food parcel costs £12.60 and will last for 20 days. Click below to donate any amount.

Why do they need help?

Most garment workers in the region have been unable to work in the local spinning mills and factories due to Covid. They were already struggling to eat in 2020 when India went into lockdown. Many are migrant workers who ended up trapped with no food or support. Our partner READ –  an incredible local human rights NGO supporting garment workers funded by TRAID since 2013 – stepped in to provide help. Now, these garment workers are enduring a second lethal wave of the virus. Access to health care is limited for those who get sick, the spinning mills and factories remain closed and basics like regular food and masks are out of reach for the poorest.

What do they urgently need?

Food to help them keep going until the crisis subsides, and basic masks and sanitiser PPE to protect garment workers from catching Covid.

How your money helps

Any donation size is welcome and urgently needed.

What does READ say?

Karuppasamy Raman is the Director of READ and for 18-years has been a leading human rights’ figure in Tamil Nadu. READ works to protect the rights and dignity of the most marginalised Indian communities, including Dalits, children, women and labourers in the textile industries. He sends this message.

“At READ, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we focussed all our efforts on helping inter-state migrant garment workers and their families who are facing destitution and the challenges of finding food, health care and shelter. Now, we are assisting vulnerable people to survive in the second-wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Any donation you make at this difficult time will provide significant and immediate relief on these families. Thank you for your support and solidarity.”