New Year – New Skills – New Wardrobe.

Come along to the Hackney Fixers event at the Redmond Community Centre where, alongside electrical repairs, TRAID will be there to help you to fix and repair your clothes.

Need to patch a pair of trousers, darn a jumper, or alter a dress? Bring along one or more items of clothing on the day and our expert mending activists will share the skills and knowledge so that you can fix it. We have the skills and tools for you to get the most our of your existing wardrobe and breathe new life into your clothes.

Zips come in many shapes and forms – so if your repair requires a new zip then please bring along a replacement zip to use. You can source one in any local haberdasheries.

Hackney Council will be running their Give and Take Day – so bring along things you no longer want or need and donate and take anything you do. Simple!