Join us on Saturday 27th October for some free clothes repair at the next Hackney Fixers Restart Party at Homerton Library.

Learn how to patch, stitch, darn and get your old clothes working for you again.

Bring along one or more items of clothing in need of repair that you would like to learn how to fix and we’ll share the skills with you to breathe new life into your existing wardrobe.

We’ll have examples of clothes that have been repaired to inspire, and practice materials and clothes to work on too if you would like to learn repair skills but don’t have any broken clothes to work on.

All materials and equipment included, however zips come in lots of colours and sizes so if you have a broken zip that you would like to repair with us – please measure the old one and visit your local haberdashery for a replacement zip to bring along with you.

close up sock hand web