23% of Londoner’s clothes are unworn. That’s unsustainable. But we can fix it.

By passing on these clothes to TRAID for someone else to use, you can help to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal Number 12 – to ensure sustainable consumption and production and spark positive change for our planet and its citizens.

Keeping clothes in use for longer is an immediate practical step you can take to reduce the negative environmental impacts of our clothes, while supporting more sustainable production.


23% of London’s clothes are unworn

This is the equivalent of

shirt Icon representing a t-shirt

123 million items of unworn clothes

atoms Icon representing atoms

333,383 tonnes of CO2e

pile-of-shirts Icon representing a stack or pile of t-shirts

35,093 tonnes of clothes

droplet Icon representing a droplet of water

56 million cubic metres of water*

*It would take the entire population of London 15 years to drink the water used to produce these clothes!